Monday, January 24, 2011

Pull out your wallet, put it in the air and sing..

Success ! I am pleased with myself for remembering my new duties of writing here. You may think this a minor achievement...don't judge me, I find happiness in the little things. hahah

So I'm currently sitting in my dorm room with my course schedule laid out in front of me, trying to tally up how many arms textbooks are gonna cost me this semester. Can I just say, I know everyone complains about how expensive they are, and I'm right there with them, but how come nobody ever does anything about it? I would much rather be spending all this money on some books down at Barnes &Noble or something; with all the money I've spent on textbooks in my college years, I could've thoroughly stocked myself a nice size quality personal library. I very much enjoy reading, and yet I have to spend my small fortune -actually, fortune is the wrong word...- on textbooks that I'm not likely to read through more than once, and sometimes less than that. Ugh. I'm super close to ordering the Leatherbound Classics Jane Austen collection instead of Penguin's Atlas...

But I think what irks me more was what I heard at the booth behind me while I was sitting in the Student Center this afternoon. I'd been there reading for about an hour (I'm trying to finish Memoirs of a Geisha before I lose all my free time to homework) and a group of four or five girls take their seats in the booth at my back -one of them setting down her Coach bag, another unloading her iPad, iPhone, and mac laptop (gag)- and the first conversation they strike up consists of their mutual dislike that one of the girls' J. Crew orders (yes, orderS -plural) hadn't arrived yet; another's mother has not transferred enough money to her student account so she can go shopping in the bookstore for clothes; and a third girl wants to give her $150 flexmeal account balance to someone else because she decided her parents gave her too much and she didn't need the "extra money". After this, one of the girls casually commented that she felt like she "owned this school". Really? Really. It always bothers me that there really are people like this in the world- and I think most of them go to my college. Blahh.

On a positive monetary note today, this morning the school announced it's involvement in a fundraiser partnered with the local pregnancy center in some form of abortion awareness and prevention campaign, so they passed out baby bottles to our entire student population for us each to use as money banks for our spare change, so that we can turn them in as a donation at the end of a month. It's slightly odd to have a baby bottle sitting on my desk, but I must admit it's an affective memory tool. Although, unfortunately, I think that if they simply asked each student for a one dollar donation, they might get more out of it -I've already heard a few people talking about tossing the bottles into the garbage. Sad day.

This post has been filled with monetary remarks or stories...That was unintentional, but when I sat down to type these were the first events of the day that popped into my head. It's not that I'm completely obsessed with it...much. hah. Anywho, shorter entry tonight because with today being the first day of classes I'm off to grab dinner and then head to a night class. Ciao !

Broke, and okay with it,

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